Tugas Mata Kuliah CCU dan Pembelajaran


Tugas CCU

  1. As a teacher to be, you have to study Cross-Cultural Understanding, What is the importance of studying CCU?
  2. The people of Indonesia consist of many different kinds of culture, tribes and religious/faith. What must be done by you as intellectuals to make these different people live in harmony?
  3. What do you know about  : cultural, cultural beliefs, cultural values, norms, folkways and mores?
  4. There are five characteristics of American Education. Which of these five characteristics that cannot be applied in Indonesia today? Give your reasons!
  5. What do you think about somebody who hates differences in society and do not want to understand how other people behave in a total different way from him/her?
  6. There are five stage that show the period of adjustment in the new culture. What are they? Explain!
  7. There are seven culturasl patten of behavior according to George Peter Murdock. What are they?

Tugas Mata kuliah Pembelajaran

  1. CBSA adalah salah satu pembelajaran yang mengaktifkan kondisi siswa pelajar saat belajar. Menurut anda apakah CBSA tersebut sudah benar-benar diaplikasikan disetiap sekolah baik swasta ataupun negeri, kemudian tingkat SD s/d SLTA. Berikan penjelasan dan bukti nyata bahwa sekolah mengaplikasikannya!
  2. Mengapa CBSA sampai saat ini masih dikembangkan dan apa relevansinya dengan kurikulum yang saat ini berlaku!

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